Permit to work in turkey

Permit to work in turkey

Helps foreigners who want to work in Turkey. Let’s share general information about the subject:

At least five (5) T.C. it is imperative that the citizen work as SSI. If a work permit is required for more than one foreigner in the same workplace, five (5) T.C. Citizen employment will be sought. (If the foreigner who is seeking permission is a company partner, the employment condition for five persons will be sought for the last six months of an annual leave of absence granted by the Ministry).
The paid-up capital of the workplace must be at least TL 100,000, or gross sales at least TL 800,000, or the amount of the last year’s export must be at least USD 250,000.
Article 2 of the permission requirements for foreigners working in associations and foundations, Article 1 and 2 will not apply if the applications for foreigners working in the education sector and domestic services are being evaluated in the Turkish agency of foreign state airlines.
It is obligatory that the foreign shareholder who is seeking permission is at least 20% of the capital share, not less than 40.000 TL.
Salary amounts to be paid to foreigners: It is obligatory that the amount of the monthly salary declared by the employer to be paid by foreigners is in line with the duty and competence of the foreigner. Accordingly, the remuneration to be paid to foreigners by taking into account the minimum wage amount in force as of the date of application shall be at least; b) Minimum wage for unit or branch managers and engineers and architects is 4 times; c) For teachers who will work in specialist and skilled occupations and for teachers. b) Minimum wage for senior managers, pilots and engineers and architects requesting preliminary authorization is 6.5 times; d) The minimum wage for foreigners to be employed in household services must be at least 1.5 times the minimum wage for foreigners working in other professions other than those listed above (such as salesperson, marketing-export officer).
Claims requiring expertise and expertise such as masseurs, masseuses and SPA therapists will be taken into consideration, and claims of businesses and businesses not included in this scope will not be found, as it will be at least four star tourism enterprises certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and proving that they have a permitted massage parlors.
(Amended: 20.4.2011 / DGG-8108) At least 10 T.C. for foreigners to be employed in the entertainment sector and tourism-animation organization firms that require expertise and mastery. If the citizen is employed, five T.C. quota for citizen employment will not be applied separately.
(Supplementary article: 20.4.2011 / DGG-8108) In the evaluation of working permission requests for foreigners to be employed in the procurement of goods and services by contract or tender procedures in cases where the provisions of the bilateral or multilateral contracts in which Turkey is a party and public institutions and organizations, 2 criteria will not be applied.
(Supplementary article: 20.4.2011 / DGG-8108) In cases where advanced technology is not required or in the absence of a Turkish expert in the same skill, the criteria determined by 1 st and 2 nd items will not be applied upon the approval of the General Directorate.
For foreigners who will be employed outside of key personnel in enterprises with special foreign direct investment conditions, the criterion specified in Article 1 shall be applied to T.C. based on the number of citizens.
Working Permits for Syria

The work of the Syrians, who are located in Shan State and whose majority of them are made up of people who have taken refuge in Turkey due to internal disturbances in their own countries, are examined by the Ministry in two (2) separate contexts.

These are the Syrians who hold valid residence permits in Turkey and the Syrians who hold Temporary Protection Identity Card.

In both of these contexts, there is no need for any property in the enterprises that will operate the persons, and the only thing that is noticed is the number of SGK personnel working in the enterprises.

Temporary Protection Identity Card Owner For every Syrian citizen who will work in the applications of the Syrians, the employer is obliged to employ 10 SGK Turkish Personnel and there is no personnel requirement for the first Syrian Temporary Protection Identity Owner to work. If a second Temporary Protection ID holder is to be employed, the number of personnel required is 20 (20).

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